Thermal Garments

Thermal garments are used to keep you warm when diving. For most drysuit dives, you will be wearing some level of thermal protection.

Traditionally undersuits and thermal garments are worn under a drysuit, but some are now ideal for use under a wetsuit as well. Undersuits are available in a wide range of styles, thickness grades and materials, with Northern Diver own range spanning from the thinnest Thermalskin up to the much thicker and more thermally insulating Metalux Arctic.

For cold water use, especially diving under ice sheets, the user would wear a thick undersuit, and vice-versa for warmer temperatures.

The thermal protection offered by undersuits varies greatly. Ensure that you select the right garment or combination of garments depending on how much you feel the cold and the conditions you're diving in.

Thermal garments are rated with TOG rating from 0 (with minimal thermal protection) to 5 (with maximum thermal protection).

Keep in mind that neoprene drysuits have a little natural thermal insulation, while tri-laminate drysuits do not.

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