The Essentials

In this section, you will find the essential equipment to add to your bag, whether you are a rescuer, a diver, or a boatman.

Although our waters are often poorly visible, you can still see more with a mask. Add a snorkel to the diving mask - it is much easier to look longer for a silver beaker or other valuable item that has fallen into the water from the bridge.

It is also wise to use a hood, gloves, socks, and boots to prevent freezing in our waters. To make it easier to swim, you will also find suitable fins from Mohni online store.

A knife and other special cutting tools are also essential equipment. You don't usually go into the water to cut something, but the cutting tool is needed, for example, to release things from the forgotten net, in the worst-case yourself, to cut the seat belt or to remove other obstacles.

The necessity of the first aid kit does not need a long explanation. You can find first-aid kits from the kit size to patch yourself up to the ready field case to help others in rescue situations.

A good owner also takes care of her/his equipment, and for this purpose, we have prepared various repair kits for the maintenance and repair of both suits and other equipment.