Smoke Fluids & Scents

When using FireWare smoke fluids, FireWare smoke generators are virtually maintenance-free. When used correctly, FireWare smoke fluids do not leave residues on walls, ceilings, or floors indoors. FireWare smoke fluids are made based on distilled water and glycol.

Our product range includes fluids of different density levels for creating smoke, as well as separately sprayable scents or scents that can be added to smoke fluid.

Smoke Fluid Fire Drill (formerly - Light Smoke Fluid) is suitable for creating light smoke, for example, in indoor scenarios simulating chemical accidents. We also recommend FireWare Chemical Smell Spray to activate the sense of smell.

Smoke Fluid Fire Training Universal (formerly - Medium Smoke Fluid) is suitable for use in almost all indoor scenarios. The smoke has sufficient density, yet it allows some visibility through it. It is used for small to medium-sized spaces.

Smoke Fluid Fire Training Intensive (formerly - Heavy Smoke Fluid) has such density that it is difficult to see through it. It is suitable for indoor scenarios where large spaces need to be filled with smoke, including smoke diving exercises.

With all three smoke fluids, we recommend using FireWare Burning Smell Spray to create a realistic fire environment.

Smoke Fluid Fire Training Extreme (formerly - Outdoor Smoke Fluid) is suitable for outdoor simulations. For example, large building fires or forest fire simulations. The dense smoke does not disperse quickly even in windy or high-temperature conditions. FireWare Burning Smell Extract adds realism to the environment.

For the battery-powered smoke generator Cirrus, there is a separate smoke fluid with a higher concentration level, FireWare Cirrus Smoke Liquid. The same fluid should be used for the Smoky Multi Socket smoke extension cord.