Rescue reach poles, throwing lines, and location markers

Water safety encompasses a person's behavior in and around the water. There is no place for joking!

It is wise to assess whether it is necessary to rush into the water to help others. When helping others, you must always keep your safety in mind!

Mohni's products include rescue reach poles, throw bags with a line, and location markers for rescuing from shore, boat, or a safe place in the water.

If the distance to the emergency is not great, then it is best to use a long object to pull a struggling person to safety. Even better, if there is available, of course, a professional rescue device - a rescue reach pole. Rescue reach poles with different attachments should be available in each water rescue station and the harbor.

For longer distances, a throw bag with a floating line is an indispensable helper. Throw bags come in different sizes/lengths. A reflective floating safety line is usually from a continuous stranded technical polypropylene core.

When searching in the water, the search area must be well marked. When using professional location markers with the right weight, sufficient line length, and integrated strobe, the initial marking can be done quickly without wasting time.

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