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Fire needs quick, skillful and safe handling. Unfortunately, sometimes in real life, a person may be on fire. It is necessary to extinguish a person in the fire quickly, using the correct techniques.

For this purpose, we have included our product range,  a fire-retardant FireWare Silver Fire Manikin with Vest, to simulate the burning person's emergency and rescue situation.

To prolong the life span of the manikin, we recommend lighting the manikin's vest (supplied with manikin) with FireWare Low Smoke Flammable Gel (click to the basket from the dropdown menu above). The vest has a higher heat resistance than the manikin and is easy to change. The vest is not water-repellent.

In case of repetitive lighting and extinguishing, we recommend using several vests in parallel. You can add an extra vest to the shopping cart from the selection above.

Please note! The Silver Fire Manikin is not suitable to be used as a drag dummy!

To "drag" the manikin into a safe environment during the (fire) exercise, we recommend using the Ruth Lee Duty Range or FireHouse manikin.

It is mandatory to follow the heat resistance features of Ruth Lee manikins. We cannot guarantee the longevity and quality of the Ruth Lee manikins if you exceed these numbers.

We recommend using for a better training result:
  • FireWare Low Smoke Flammable Gel 4 x 1L
  • Fire Manikin Stand 2.0 to practice techniques with a person standing


  • Simulation and extinguishing of a burning person
  • Suitable for extinguishing with a fire blanket
  • Water repellent and heat resistant (manikin)
  • Strengthened at the crotch and armpits
  • Strengthened at the ends of the arms and legs
  • Including a fire vest for a longer life span of manikin
  • Weight: approx. 10 kg
  • Length: 180 cm
  • Material: Silicone fabric with Kevlar
  • Color: Silver
  • Product warranty: none, a life span depends on the frequency of use
If you have any further questions, please contact us by chat window, e-mail, or calling +372 659 5454.


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