Better together

Mohni's goal is to be a reliable partner for organizations on whose operations people's safety, well-being, health, or even life could depend.

We offer necessary equipment for fire and rescue services, the armed forces, police and border guards, paramedics, lifeguards, health and safety professionals, film and television studios, the food and building materials industries, fuel companies, aviation, and many more.

Training Manikins

Mohni has the coolest manikins in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania! Manikins from Ruth Lee help make our clients' training realistic. From more than 20 different manikins, the Rescue Service, the Police and Border Guard Board have made their choices in Estonia. Read more here.

Fire Simulation

Mohni is the FireWare distribution partner for fire simulation and training solutions in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. Creating realistic training environments with FireWare | Mohni solutions is like playing with legos.
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State-of-the-art rescue equipment for water rescuers from Mohni

For Rescuers 

Mohni has been selling and importing water rescue products since 2001. Northern Diver, Sostechnic, Scubapro, Rock Helmets and others product range is available in our store. Rescue suits, masks, fins, life jackets, helmets, and much more.
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