Aquasure FD Repair Adhesive 

AquasureFD (Aquaseal) is a highly flexible adhesive and the best repair to rips, holes, and tears.

After it cures, it becomes flexible rubber glue that is ideal for fixing outdoor gear which is in constant motion. AquasureFD offers excellent abrasion resistance, and we recommend it for quick repairs on wetsuits.

AquasureFD is perfect to use with water sports gear like waders, neoprene wetsuits, and dry bags for a repair that lasts.

Available packages: 1 x 28 g and 2 x 7 g


  • A Durable - A strong urethane repair adhesive bonds permanently to surfaces and after drying becomes clear
  • A Flexible - Cures to a stretchy rubber that bends with neoprene and other elastic gear
  • A Waterproof - Provides a water-tight seal that won’t peel or crack over time
  • An Abrasion-resistant - Keeps gear looking good by withstanding scrapes and scratches
  • Bonds to different types of outdoor fabrics like neoprene, rubber, nylon, canvas, and vinyl


  • 1-3 business days delivery available to Estonia, Latvia, Finland.
  • All orders over 150EUR (exluding VAT) - free standard delivery applies in Estonia.

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