SOLAS Approved Transit Suit

The SOLAS approved Transit Suit from Northern Diver is designed for transit by boat on water, for example when travelling to a windfarm to commence work. The suit also performs well for similar on-water activity where warmth and protection from the water are essential.

The suit’s material is waterproof and it features super-soft neck and wrist seals to protect from water sprays, splashes and falling into the water.

A host of useful features complement the suit, including Kevlar® reinforcement, an integrated hood, a comfortable adjustable collar, multiple pockets with different functions, a snap hook and a whistle.

Northern Diver’s quality system has been assessed by a notified body and found to be in compliance with the LSA (Life Saving Appliance) requirements of the Marine Equipment Directive 2014/90/EU for Transit Suits. This forms part of SOLAS requirements - Module E. The Northern Diver Transit Suit is therefore fully SOLAS approved.

The thermal properties of the Transit Suit according to the SOLAS requirements are guaranteed only under the condition that the user wears the recommended garments listed below:

- Neoprene Socks
- Rock Swim Safety Boots

Flexi-Light sticks can be purchased separately to fit inside the Transit Suit's removable right arm pocket.

Custom options are available for customers that wish to add or replace suit elements. Please contact us using email or call us +372 659 5454 to discuss your requirements.

All Northern Diver suits are fitted with a standard sized neck/wrist seals and boots/socks for that size suit. Please refer to the Suits Size Chart to view the sizes fitted.

If the standard sizes of neck, wrist and footwear will not fit you, we can alter the suit so that it will. Please use the Measuring Guide to find out the right size for you.

Please note: Before check out please consult with us using email or call us +372 659 5454.

Please be aware alterations on stock suits may be chargeable.

Sizes available:



  • Fully SOLAS Approved Transit Suit
  • 320 Denier Embratex fabric construction – tough with a cotton-like feel, waterproof and water repellent
  • Neoprene neck fitted with fleece lined adjustable collar
  • Integrated high visibility hood – stows away inside collar when not in use
  • YKK® Aquaseal® two-way dry zip
  • Neoprene wrist seals with protective cuffs
  • Left chest pocket, fitted with mesh drain (fastened with hook and loop patches)
  • Fully dry smart pocket located on right chest (zipped)
  • Removable radio pocket located on left chest, inc. zipped safety pocket
  • Zipped safety pocket includes snap hook and pealess whistle attached to suit via bungee cords inside the pocket
  • Removable Flexi-Light stick pocket on the right arm
  • Glove pockets on both lower arms (fastened with hook and loop patches)
  • Neoprene gloves included
  • Identification card holder mounted on both glove pockets
  • Drainable bellows pockets on the left and right thighs (fastened with hook and loop patches)
  • KN601 Kevlar® reinforced kneepads
  • KN601 Kevlar® reinforced seat area
  • Fully breathable 320D socks with Kevlar® reinforcement
  • 25mm reflective bands and reflective printing
  • Elasticated waist and internal braces


  • Delivery approx 8-10 business days. If custom size(s) are ordered then delivery time may be different. Consult before ordering.
  • Orders dispatched mostly from UK warehouse (all sizes available), some of the models available in our EU warehouse (1-3 business days delivery available to Estonia, Latvia, Finland).
  • All orders over 150EUR (excluding VAT) - free standard delivery applies in Estonia.

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